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Stay compliant, maintain productivity

Adaptive supports SaaS companies in protecting customer and user data, thereby enabling them to stay compliant with regulatory standards.
Industry regulations present a vast, ever-changing landscape that demands organizations to conduct continuous monitoring, auditing, and remediation to maintain compliance.
Technology company incidents are related to 3rd party vendor shortcomings
Organizations have exposed sensitive SaaS data due to insufficient security measures
Critical infrastructure organizations don’t have a zero-trust architecture
Technology companies often work with numerous cloud-first vendors and hold a considerable amount of valuable customer data, making them an appealing target for attackers. These companies are subject to stringent compliance rules and must abide with numerous data protection regulations such as data encryption, credential management, continuous monitoring, and regular audits. Maintaining compliance with these standards is a complex process that requires persistent effort and substantial resources which is difficult to manage while scaling.
Adaptive helps Technology companies scale securely
Adaptive enables organizations to scale quick and stay compliant with all regulatory requirements like ISO 27001, GDPR, SOC 2, and more. The platform allows granting vendor access to select resources for external users and provides immediate alerts in case of any unauthorized access attempts. The Adaptive PAM solution facilitates integrated access requests and detailed audit capabilities, automating auditing, access control, and security measures for SaaS companies, thereby reducing the time and costs associated with compliance.
Continuous Monitoring
Adopt a proactive stance on compliance management with continuous monitoring. Oversee operations, queries, and activities to promptly identify potential compliance gaps or security risks and take swift remediation action.
Monitored Third-Party Vendor Access
Grant temporary, limited access to third-party vendors for selected resources. Create vendor-specific endpoints that offer total transparency on every vendor command and query, with alerts activated when sensitive data is accessed.
Secure Infrastructure Resources
By using ephemeral containers as bastion hosts, Adaptive minimizes the risk of unauthorized access and bolsters the security of infrastructure resources. Protect sensitive information, private resources, and customer data and maintain compliance.
Detailed Audit Logs
Save time and resources on audit preparation with Adaptive. Ensure the availability of accurate and current comprehensive audit logs of all queries, commands, access approvals, and incidents.
Enterprise Grade
Stay compliant, maintain productivity
Agentless Architecture
Zero Network Reconfiguration
Deploy in Cloud or On-Prem