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VPN Alternative

Adaptive uses split tunnels to secure access to specific private resources as Zero Trust Network Access, or as an advanced VPN alternative.
Traditional VPNs were built to safeguard on-premise resources via a perimeter network. However, modern organizations are remote-first and utilize ephemeral, cloud-based infrastructure. VPNs, not built to support numerous concurrent users, introduce latency and performance issues. Furthermore, VPNs operate on an all-or-nothing principle, thus, unauthorized access allows lateral movement for attackers, making internal resource protection challenging.
Organizations reported a loss in productivity due to VPN
Organization reported losing revenue from high latency due to VPNs
$10 Million
Average Healthcare data breach cost in 2022
VPNs are overly permissive and lack traceability. They provide limited visibility and no identity-specific audit logs making it challenging to detect suspicious activities or insider threats.
Adaptive’s Zero Trust Network solution serves as a VPN alternative
Adaptive’s container-based architecture allows organizations to deploy a zero-trust solution at scale without needing to make any architectural, hardware, or software changes. The platform creates ephemeral secure tunnels to connect with infrastructure resources across different VPCs. Thus organizations can impvove security posture and increase granular traceability over individual resources. Adaptive's peer-to-peer connections eliminate the need for a VPN solution.
Better Network Security
Improve organization’s security posture with native resource-level network isolation. Eliminate the need for overly permissive access and complex network reconfiguration.
Create point-to-point secure tunnels on the fly, establishing connections solely to the resources that are required by the user.
Granular traceability & resource level audit logs
Get improved visibility and detailed audit logs that accelerate your compliance audits. Deeper forensic insights about the attack vector in case of an incident.
Granular application-level audit logs through Adaptive facilitates continuous monitoring, enhanced user accountability, and improved threat detection.
Zero Knowledge Access Management
Prevent breaches as no user gets exposed to any credentials or the network location, eliminating the potential of any lateral movement in case of an unauthorized access.
Ensure Accessors never view any key or credential while accessing any infrastructure resource, nor do they gain any knowledge of the network that houses the resource.
Improved Performance due to peer-to-peer connection
Access network resources remotely from anywhere without compromising on network security, performance, and efficiency.
Experience reduced latency and enhanced overall network efficiency with Adaptive’s peer-to-peer network connections. Superior performance with unimpeded data paths between users and resources.
Enterprise Grade
VPN Alternative
Agentless Architecture
Zero Network Reconfiguration
Deploy in Cloud or On-Prem